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  • 27th

    American Society of Human Genetics

    October 27-32 2020
    San Diego, CA


  • 17th

    Association for Molecular Pathology

    November 17-21 2020
    Vancouver, Canada


No Scheduled Events


No Scheduled Events


No Scheduled Events


  • 20th

    American Academy of Dermatology

    March 20-24 2020
    Denver, CO


  • 28th

    Executive War College

    April 28 - May 29, 2020
    New Orleans, LA


  • 29th

    American Society of Clinical Oncology

    May 29 - June 2, 2020
    Chicago, IL


  • 8th

    Precision Medicine Leaders Summit

    June 8-9, 2020
    Philadelphia, PA


  • 23rd

    American Society of Preventive Cardiology

    July 23-26 2020
    Louisville, KY


No Scheduled Events


  • 11th

    American Society of Clinical Pathology

    September 9-11, 2020
    Austin, TX

Dermatology Authority

Dermatology Authority is a leading business consultant that helps new and experienced dermatology and aesthetics practitioners grow their business. We’ll help you hire the best team to work in your practice, or we’ll help you find a practice that is hiring if you’re in the hunt for new opportunities. We plan and participate in networking and training events all over the country. We have collected a network of partner businesses in our Marketplace that will connect you to the tools you need to be successful.
G2 Intelligence

G2 Intelligence provides timely, accurate and trusted analysis of industry and market trends, legal and regulatory developments, and technology and innovation that directly affect the operations, financial performance, and competitive position of diagnostic testing laboratories and related medical services providers.

For over a decade, ELLKAY has made interoperability a top priority. We work with hospitals and health systems, providing the secure and efficient “data plumbing” they need for all data connectivity. With 15 years of experience extracting medical data and a capability list of over 160 EMR systems and 550 practice management systems across 900 different versions, ELLKAY knows systems. This depth of knowledge has provided us with a strong foundation on which to build enterprise-level services and solutions that cater to growing hospitals and health systems.
Vachette Pathology

Vachette Pathology is a pathology practice management firm. We are not a billing agency and do not perform billing. Instead we manage pathology practices from an outside point of view. We push your billing service to optimum performance; we renegotiate managed care contracts and help with the business of pathology. Vachette’ s mission is to maximize reimbursement for our clients with the highest level of customer service through a highly motivated, skilled, and enthusiastic workforce. We do this by understanding, meeting, and exceeding our clients’ needs and requirements. We maintain the loyalty of our clients by holding ourselves accountable for all our actions.
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Vanguard Healthcare Staffing, LLC is committed to providing superior candidates for employers and career-growth opportunities for job seekers.
We provide industry-leading customer service, unparalleled strategic networking and a commitment to excellence in building high-performance organizations.