Executive Search

Executive Recruiting By Healthcare Executives

Executive Search

Vanguard Healthcare Staffing recognizes that a forward-thinking leader is essential to your organization’s short- and long-term success. We understand your needs for identifying a leading Executive who will take your organization to the next level. Our Executive recruiting is done by former Executives. They have a keen ability to articulate conversations with candidates at a deeper level, accurately assess their knowledge and ultimately determine which candidate would suit your needs.

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Executive Approach

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Assess Client Desires

We work together with your organization to identify your ideal overall candidate profile

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Candidate Process

Begin by matching prospecting candidates with client desires utilizing all available resources. We then conduct thorough screenings using targeted questions to uncover skills your organization requires.

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Interview Process

Select the top well-rounded Executive candidates and conduct interviews.

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Closing Stage

Identify your top Executive and extend an offer.